The initiative to create the Internet radio "SectorX " belongs to the public fund Reliance. It all started with the Daring Dreams project, supported by UNDP in 2017. 

Thanks to donors, we trained 52 young disabled activists in such professions as a director, sound engineer, copywriter, cameraman, journalist, radio host.After the training, a group of blind people with the support of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan created an information platform for highlighting topical issues in the socio-economic, political, cultural, informational spheres of society. The goal of Sector X radio is to involve people with disabilities in an active social life. 

Broadcasting on the radio is bilingual - programs are broadcast in Russian and Kazakh. Today, the radio employs 8 blind journalists, 1 hearing-impaired sound engineer, 1 visually impaired sound engineer, 2 wheelchair-bound news anchors, and 3 disabled announcers. The entire staff of online radio, including journalists and sound engineers, are not limited people, as they say, but with unlimited possibilities. Radio journalists of SectorX " plan to launch programs for the regions of the country in the Kazakh language for local communities of disabled people and other socially vulnerable segments of the population with the participation of representatives of the executive and legislative authorities, experts in various areas of public life, specialists in various professions, representatives of NGOs, Public Councils, civil activists for in order to voice the problems of communities and seek jointly ways to solve them.